20 Hangzhou, China Hotels Under 100 Dollars Per Night

Hangzhou, China hotels under 100 dollars

Here are the 20 best-rated Hangzhou hotels under 100$:

Crowne Plaza Hangzhou Xanadu Resort (5 stars) – from $26/night

Hangzhou Yuansu Image Hotel (3 stars) – from $36/night

Orange Hotel-Hangzhou Moganshan Road (3 stars) – from $40/night

Xiangyuan Binguan (3 stars) – from $42/night

Binjiang Seven Service Apartment (3 stars) – from $42/night

Dragon Moon Bay Hotel (4 stars) – from $47/night

New Century Hotel Xiaoshan (4 stars) – from $52/night

Hangzhou Share Hotel (3 stars) – from $58/night

Chaxiang Lishe Holiday Inn (3 stars) – from $59/night

New Century Grand Hotel Tonglu (5 stars) – from $63/night

Peninsula Kaihao Hotel (5 stars) – from $63/night

Holiday Inn Hangzhou City Center (4 stars) – from $68/night

New Century Resort Qiandao Lake Hangzhou (5 stars) – from $69/night

SSAW Boutique Hotel (3 stars) – from $69/night

Yu Quan Hotel (2.5 stars) – from $75/night

Zhejiang Grand Hotel (4 stars) – from $77/night

The East Hotel (5 stars) – from $78/night

Hilton Hangzhou Qiandao Lake China (5 stars) – from $80/night

Crystal Orange Hotel (4 stars) – from $80/night

Sheraton Hotel & Resort Qiandao Lake (5 stars) – from $86/night

Remember, these are only the 20 best-rated cheap hotels in Hangzhou, China! If you need to find even cheaper accommodation, please check out the full list of Hangzhou hotels!

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